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This Sunday we are closed in the waters of Port Royal the eighth edition of the trophy of the Summer Admiral Cervera, one of the events more special CN The Trocadero that was solved as it was planned after five tests. More than a hundred young people from almost all clubs in andalusia and also of the CR of Madrid to be swayed by the organizers to enjoy the competition and the hospitality of the club puertorrealeño.

Open to classes Optimist and Laser 4.7, in both cases there was a tie in the head of the general absolute, which says a lot of the equality that holds the quarry. Between the Laser, the tie discarded on the side of Adriano Gómez, of CM Almeria, in front of Alfonso Moreno, CR Madrid, second with the same points. Completed the podium Eduardo Percelay, of CM Almeria, with only a point more.

the door of the drawer, winners ranked the champion under-16, Enrique Muñoz, of the CN Seville, followed by the first girl, Lola Belizón, and Natalia Torres, both from the CN to The Trocadero, and the champion under-16 Sun López, CN Elcano.

In the Optimist class in which the large fleet was split into two groups, overcame Patricia Bañez, of the RCMT Punta Umbria, followed with the same points for Roberto Aguilar of the CNM Benalmadena, and with two more, the third place was occupied by Adriana Serra, also of the RCMT Punta Umbria.

At one point it was the sailor of the CN Port, Sherry Arturo Arauz, followed by Natalia Moreno, CR Madrid, fifth absolute. In ninth place was his sister Dawn, champion Sub 13 ” ahead of the champion male in this category, Daniel Serna, of RC Marbella, on the tenth eighth position. And a put more down, the youngest champion of the call, category, Sub 11, was the young man Joseph Manuel Cuellar, of the RCN Adra.