During the ceremony, after an autocross, in Lent, to the south-east of Eindhoven, near the Belgian border, according to the police department Sunday afternoon with a car and the public is broken. In addition, at least four of the wounded have fallen.

as for The cross, which is organised by the association of Kempercross that took place in the Maarhezerweg in Lent. The police referred to this as a “race car” in which the public is rammed.

The driver of the vehicle was arrested and taken to the police station and charged. A second suspect, a female, was taken to the office.

according to the police, there would be a fight. The agents have the side-by-side to allow for the public to keep away.

The emergency services are being massively ripped out. The police and the public, via Twitter, asks them to “make space” to display it.

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