(Brussels) Taylor Swift to the rescue for June’s European elections? The idea is gaining ground in Brussels.

The American superstar having encouraged – successfully – his fans to register to vote in the United States, his announced visit to Europe in the spring is giving ideas to the European executive.

“No one can mobilize youth better than young people themselves,” explained the Vice-President of the European Commission, the Greek Margaritis Schinas, to journalists on Wednesday.

“It is young people who can encourage young people to participate more (in the elections), much more than European commissioners in a press room,” he admitted lucidly.

“For example, Taylor Swift,” he continued with a smile.

And to recall the colossal influence of the interpreter of Shake It Off or Bad Blood: the 34-year-old artist, personality of the year according to Time magazine, invited his approximately 270 million subscribers on Instagram in September to register on the Vote.org platform to participate in the fall 2024 elections in the United States.

Result ? The organization recorded more than 35,000 new registrations that day, a 23% jump from the same day a year earlier.

“I really hope that we will do the same for young Europeans, I really hope that someone in their media team is following this conference and will be able to convey our request to them,” he added.

Taylor Swift is due to visit Europe in the spring as part of her world tour, with her first concert in Paris scheduled for May 9 – Europe Day.

More than 400 million Europeans will be called to the polls from June 6 to 9 in the 27 EU countries to renew Parliament, an institution which participates in the adoption of legislation alongside member states.

In the last elections, in May 2019, turnout was increasing, but the Union average was only 50.66%.

Turnout was even lower for those under 25 (42%) and 25-39 year olds (47%), but marked a marked improvement on the previous election in 2014 (when rates of 28% and 35%) respectively had been recorded), according to figures from the European Parliament.