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The best Real Madrid in defence. It is the starting point of the leadership. Zidane recognizes that in modern football that virtue is essential, because his team has the quality to score. Eleven goals for and two against in five days, disputed the League of the coronavirus. These two efficiencies have carved out this first post.

Zinedine Zidane spoke of the importance of the triumph, the leadership and the great action of Benzema in goal from Casemiro, who returned to the ownership after the penalty: “It’s a win important, but the League will be decided on the last day. There is a fight, you fight. Espanyol defended very well in the first part, and we in the second part we were better physically. I am very happy with my players. And win, win and win games is not easy. We must congratulate my players.”

he Appreciated the heels of his compatriot: “I’m Not surprised anything that makes Karim. He is a player who invents things in the field and the control room, the heels and the pass are great. You can be one of the games of the championship. Is a move of computer. Karim is improving every year , because he cares. I don’t know until when you will play, until he says”.

Casemiro: “The goal there is to give it to Benzema; I know him and I’m not surprised nothing of what you do, know what you can do, so I’m going to finish”

Slowed down to those who already make a champion: “I don’t notice that we are winning the League, this is going to decide in the last day. Look at how difficult it is to play against the last. In this League you never know. I agree with the League that we won, it was on the last day. Nothing has changed. It is very difficult to win five matches in a row, not only for physical, more mental. That is why I am very happy with my players”.

Hazard suffered a blow in an ankle and put ice: “we All know the position of the Hazard and where it is most comfortable. Has received a blow, but I don’t think that is anything more. We are not concerned about bring a goal, we are happy with what he brings to the team”.

Casemiro, author of the winning goal, was resounding: “Are three more points we have won, another final that we have taken and let by the League. On the goal that I have marked, it would be unfair not to mention of the play by Karim. Is a heels of luxury, which left me almost without a goalkeeper. In addition to the merit of Benzema, give it also to the computer. I know Benzema and for me it is normal that you do this. The quality of Karim is not a nine is a ten. I already know how to play and I ask the ball into space, then comes the heels amazing and the goal is him.”

he Praised the defensive capabilities of the Real Madrid: “We have defended all. There are that value also, which is another party with the goal to zero and that it is important for the defense. We are going party to party. Now we have to think about Getafe, it’s going to be a difficult game. We have to play with heart and passion because we want this League. This year we are one of the teams that are less fit in Europe and also with the quality that we have above, we know that we’re going to score a goal. There is still much”.