President, Donald Trump has made it clear in a Tweet, what he thinks of the plans of the American Central Bank Federal Reserve (Fed) to increase once again this year the interest rates nothing:. It is incredible that the Fed was considering a rate hike, although there is no Inflation, the Dollar was very strong and the Rest of the world go in the air. The President is continuing his criticism against the monetary policy of the Federal Reserve. His concern is that the Central Bank could choke with a research of monetary policy, good economic situation in the United States and the stock market send rates into the basement.

Winand von Petersdorff-Campen

Economics correspondent in Washington.

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Trump, the shares had courses, as they rose, as a proof of its successful economic policy sold. However, now threatens even that of the benchmark index, the S&P 500 this year cuts off at the end worse than the beginning. Uncertainty about China’s economy, the White house instigated the trade conflicts and the threat of a shutdown of the American government burdens on the rates. President Trump wants to a necessary budget law only if it contains $ 5 billion for a wall along the Mexican border.

the concerns also generate global economic data from China. The world economy is growing weaker and provokes the question of how long the United States or of this development can isolate. Investors hope meanwhile, in a classic year-end rally and are looking with anxious eyes on the Federal Reserve comes on Tuesday and Wednesday of the last monetary policy session this year.

On the word choice, it comes in

A key interest rate applies to increase thanks to the communication of the Central bankers as a fairly safe and would not throw investors off the track. Recent economic data also show that the economic recovery in the United States, despite the slowing is still robust. The securities investors focus instead on the wording of the Fed in terms of monetary policy in the coming year.

The Central Bank is on course to raise interest rates for the fourth Time this year, was nourished by, but in the recent past, in the hope that they could progress in the coming year, more restrained. Last month the Fed had said in-chief Jerome Powell in a speech in New York, the Prime rate moving in the vicinity of the neutral interest rate, at which monetary policy is neither stimulating nor dampening.