Between the United States and Germany to threaten a new diplomatic tensions. The occasion will be letters of the American Ambassador Richard Grenell to German companies, reported the “Bild am Sonntag”. In it, he threatened those involved in the construction of the controversial Baltic sea gas pipeline Nord Stream 2, with sanctions from America. When Nord Stream 2 and the Pipeline TurkStream the current European Gas Import via Ukraine would be superfluous, lose this security-political importance, giving rise to Grenell his criticism. Thus, the risk of Russian intervention increases. In addition, the EU is doing in the energy security of Russia.

“as a result, undermine the companies that support the construction of both Pipelines, active in the security of Ukraine and Europe,” the newspaper quoted from the Letter. “We emphasize that companies involved in the Russian energy export sector, participate in something that could lead to a significant risk of Sanctions.”

Maas rejects criticism of Americans

at The Federal foreign office, the procedure encounter a lack of understanding, the newspaper wrote. Grenells approach is not in line with diplomatic practice. A spokesman for Grenells said that the letter was not to be construed as a threat, but as a clear message of American politics.

foreign Minister Heiko Maas had stricter rejected criticism of the Americans to the North Stream 2 on Thursday. Questions of the European energy policy would have to be decided in Europe, not in the United States, said the SPD politician. Germany take criticism seriously. However, the Pipeline was not a German-Russian exceptionalism. Maas commented on the occasion of the new year reception of the Eastern Association of German economy.