Who wants to win the youth, must have something to offer. And the balloons, key chains, and all the other bells and whistles are not meant to Stand on the Job fair does not require that the Department of education and the joint education work of Hesse yesterday at the Westend Campus of the Goethe University geared. The prospective teachers, the stroll between the stalls, take the one or the other pen, but, above all, they want to know what prospects have to offer potential employers.

Matthias Trautsch

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Violetta carpenter, a student of educational science in the third Semester, know that she is in demand on the labour market. For years the nursery expanded capacity and in the Rhine-Main-area rising children numbers. The twenty-five want to make years nothing more with small children. She has completed before the study of an educational training and experience in a manger collected, earned, currently something in the primary-school care, want to work after graduation but with young people.

A wide section of the Profession

is likely to be found At the fair, which takes place for the sixth Time, you. At the Institute of psychology, education and social Sciences, many big and small carriers of the childcare, but also the youth welfare service, counselling and adult education are represented. “We want to bring our students in contact with practice”, says Birte Egloff, as a managing Director in the office of the Dean of education Sciences, is responsible for the Organisation of the show. Many don’t know how varied the work could be the field for educators.

A broad section of the professional field, it offers at the Stand of the Frankfurt house of the people’s work: counseling, crisis and counseling, marriage and sex counseling, educational assistance, daily groups, and child care. As a point of contact Barbara Jansohn acts. She is training coordinator for the day-care centres and full-time a mentor for Junior staff – a place which, after your words, there is hardly any other carrier. The Position was established in the house of people’s work has to do with the Federal programme “learning practice”, in the it was to bring mentors “more expertise in the practice,” as Jansohn says. Although interns and trainees everywhere experienced colleagues as “instructors” to the side, but these are integrated heavily into everyday business and not always at the latest state of the science.

“We bring theory into practice and practice into theory”

As the Federal program in 2016, ended, continued the house of people’s work place and took over the funding. Jansohn is in constant exchange with young professionals in the facilities, observed them in their daily work, gives you feedback and supports you in your projects, you need, for example, for the completion of the educator training. Only the young colleagues not to be grateful to the whole Team see this as an enrichment and discharge. “We bring theory into practice and practice into theory.”

In an Effort to Junior employees, such offers may be more important than a few euros more or less on the Paycheck. Anyway of all the numbers, most of the carriers tariff wage. The is not so bad, as is often claimed, says Justa Pizzaro of “2 son Más”. The Association operates in Frankfurt, two German-Spanish day-care centres with around 120 children. Who is about to enter as a skilled worker his first point of get in Frankfurt at least about 3000 Euro gross says Pizzaro. Some educators have changed the profession, not the payment, but due to the fact that working with children was very demanding and a lot of energy is required.