Burglary: this detail that can betray your absence this summer


Burglary is an obsession for many French people. According to a study by Ifop, 83% of them regularly or occasionally feared being a victim. This evil even has a name: scelerophobia.

As the summer holidays approach, fear is all the more significant as the risk is increased.

In 2017, according to data from the Ministry of the Interior, 27% of burglaries took place during the months of July and August, reported Le Parisien. The season is indeed conducive to break-ins, since it is during this period that most French households leave their main residence to go on vacation.

As such, thieves redouble their techniques to flush out a vacant home and enter it discreetly.

Burglary: what to put in your mailbox

To avoid an unpleasant surprise when you return from your holidays, you must therefore be extra careful.

Finally, even if you take great precautions, there may be only one detail that betrays your prolonged absence: your mailbox.

Indeed, if it is overflowing with leaflets, burglars will be alerted.

The solution ? Put a “Stop Pub” sticker on your case, so that you only receive important mail, and thus avoid attracting the attention of thugs.