The police department in Anchorage, (Alaska) was given at the end of last month, a strange phone call. A woman who claimed that she is in the street, a memory card that had been found with images of a brutal murder. Two days later, a dead body was found on the side of the road.

The wife had a memory card is a small piece of plastic, you probably have never noticed had it not been for the conspicuous caption: “the Walking Time of Murder’. They decided to take it immediately to the police department immediately.

When investigators with the content of the card is checked out, they found the 39 photos and 12 videos. All of the images of a brutal murder of a woman. The victim was naked and lying on the floor of the room. At first, she was beaten and gang-raped, and then strangled. In one of the videos, they belong to the offender and say, ‘ these are the hands to get tired of the strangle” and then his foot on the neck of the victim to the pitch. “Die now.”

now, On to the pictures, you can see how the dead woman is covered with a white sheet over a car to a truck is disclosed.

most of The pictures were taken in the early hours of the morning on the 4th of september. In the last picture, that’s a dead woman in a pick-up truck to be seen, it is dated two days later. The woman in the memory was called to the emergency service on the 30th of september and on the 2nd of October found the officers and the body of a woman along Seward Highway, which is approximately a 30-minute drive from Anchorage.

Photo: AP < / P> Detained,

in the Meantime, the suspect was identified and arrested. It’s going to be Brian, Steven, Smith, a 48-year-old man who has already been to the other crimes known to the police. He was officially accused of the murder. He faced 99 years in prison.
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