Trump about possible electoral defeat – “If I don’t win, not I win,”The US President would accept according to his own testimony a defeat in the election. The current crisis in the USA, he looks grown up. 0 KommentareUS-President Donald trump spoke on Thursday 11. June 2020 in the Gateway Church in Dallas about the “Transition to Size”. Photo: Alex Brandon/Keystone

U.S. President Donald Trump is a defeat in the presidential election in November, would accept own words. “If I don’t win, not I win,” he said on Friday the TV channel Fox News. He’s doing other things. Trump added: “I think it would be a very sad thing for our country.”

Trump was raised on the Expressions of the presidency candidate of the Democrats, Joe Biden,. This was expressed in an Interview the idea that Trump could refuse in case of defeat, to leave the White house.

you Are the President, the unites us all?

Moderator Fox News

In the Interview, Trump also made it clear how he sees himself in the crisis: as a and compassionate President. To the question: “Are you the President of the unites us all, in the face of everything that is happening in this moment?”, Trump said: “I think it certainly is, and I hope it certainly is.” His opponents accuse him of instead, to deepen the trenches, only instead of the country – not only since the death of the African-American George Floyd, the protests and riots in many U.S. cities had triggered.

Trump stylized since the beginning of the protests, as President for law and order and even threatened with the use of the military against demonstrators. “I think the law-and-order President can prevent it ever comes to a Situation such as that in Seattle,” said Trump.

In the big city on the West coast, protesters have set up an “Autonomous Zone”. It covers multiple streets and is partially separated with barricades from the Rest of the city centre. The police are not welcome. On the TV pictures, you can see that serene and peaceful atmosphere.

demonstrators paint their slogan, “Black Lives Matter” on the road in the “Autonomous Zone” in Seattle.Photo: Jasmine Seedy/Reuters

“hardness is sometimes the most compassionate”

US President Donald Trump

From trump’s point of view, the governments of the city and the state lost control of the city. He called the protesters in a tweet as “anarchists” and “terrorists” and threatened that his government could not take measures against, when Governor Jay Inslee and mayor Jenny Durkan acted. “If you’re soft and weak, you’re at the end, not compassionate,” said Trump on Fox. “Hardness is sometimes the most compassionate.” Otherwise, there would be dangerous situations in which people would heavily hurt.

stranglehold in exceptional situations

In the debate about police reforms, Trump defended the controversial method of Würgegriffes in exceptional situations. In a battle of the individual officers with a Suspect, it could sometimes come to this applies a stranglehold. “What are you supposed to do then, let go and say: Let’s start again, I shall not keep you in a stranglehold?”, Trump said.

He said, however, that he may the bars: “I think it is very good, when you are finished in General.” He wanted to see a “compassionate, but strong” police on U.S. streets. The bars, the police are already denounced for years, a full ban will now be discussed.

In Minneapolis, where a white police officer Floyd on the 25. May had pressed his knee almost nine minutes in the back of the neck, and the 46-Year-old died, adopted by the city Council on Friday unanimously adopted a Resolution on the transformation of the security system of the city. The Resolution provides for a one-year process, with the involvement of citizens a “transformative new model” should be designed for the safety of the city.

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