The Doctors for Tomorrow collective is calling for a one-day strike this Friday, June 9 to oppose the “Valletoux” bill. This bill aims to improve access to care through the territorial commitment of professionals. Only the latter is controversial. “After the failure of negotiations at the beginning of the year between the unions and the Health Insurance, for which a senior civil servant was forced to arbitrate”, as explained to us by the site. Indeed, some practitioners such as the group Doctors for tomorrow denounces a “mass blow”, specifying that the administrative burdens already weigh heavily on medical activities: “it is often said that this kills liberal medicine”.

If you need a medical consultation this Friday, June 9, don’t panic. Not all doctors are necessarily on strike. Contact your doctor’s office to make an appointment. If the latter is not available, other options remain possible.

In the event that the latter is on strike, it is very likely that a substitute doctor will be available to see you. If this is not possible, then turn to medical applications, such as Doctolib, in order to make an appointment for a consultation with another attending physician. In the event that no doctor is available in the area, you can always call SOS Médecins or the number 15, where you can be put in touch with a health professional who will guide you on the procedure to follow.

In its press release, Doctors for Tomorrow also states that it is against: