Summer is fast approaching in France and flea markets are becoming more and more numerous. Even if they take place throughout the year, it is true that the summer period favors them. Whether for flea markets, clearance sales, or garage sales, all are subject to very specific rules. And yes, participating in a flea market requires respecting certain obligations. Its organization, what is sold there, as well as its profits, must imperatively follow certain rules. What are they ? We list them for you in our slideshow below.

Each year, nearly 50,000 flea markets take place in France. Scattered throughout the territory, the reduced, affordable and sometimes even negotiable prices have attracted more and more people over the years. But then, how do they work? Find in our slideshow the rules that these second-hand one-off points of sale must respect.

In the era of vintage and in the context of rising prices experienced by the French, these events for the sale of second-hand objects have seen their number of participants increase. Practical for finding nuggets of fashion or decoration for tight budgets, flea markets also have an ecological character since they allow you to give a second life to clothes or objects, instead of simply throwing them away.

Like resale applications, such as Vinted, flea markets, clearance sales, and garage sales also allow you to earn a few extra pennies and make ends meet. Strictly supervised, discover all the rules of these unpacking sales in our slideshow.