Christmas: the gifts that men give to their wives… and their lovers


Are you one of the 42% of French men and women who have already been unfaithful? According to the latest study by Gleeden*, an extramarital dating site, there are 46% men and 38% women among these adulterers. The male sex, very present on the platform, said 81% planned to offer a Christmas present to their mistress. Among the latter, nearly 7 out of 10 say they devote a higher budget to it than for the present of their wife or official partner. “

Nearly 8 out of 10 cheaters intend to spend more than a hundred euros for the present of their lover. In half of the cases, the gift in question will even have a value of more than 200 euros. A much higher amount than that devoted to official partners! “Only a small third (31%) want to spend more than 200 euros to spoil their spouse and a large quarter (27%) consider a gift costing between 100 and 200 euros”, specifies the study. Finally, nearly one in five adulterous men (19%) don’t want to spend more than 50 euros on their partner.

The gifts offered by unfaithful men to their lover are radically different from those offered to their wives. Check them out in our slideshow below.

*Online study carried out from November 21 to 28, 2022 among 3843 French and Belgian male members who declared to be engaged in a heterosexual extramarital relationship for more than 3 months.