Million in bonuses despite short-time working – disney’s great-niece rails against the company’s own chief Abigail Disney, it does not fit at all, such as the Management of the US entertainment group, will have the crisis and millions of the bonuses is paying off. Claus Hulverscheidt in New York1 Kommentar1Bei Disney is a cheerfulness to the business model. However, in the crisis, the employees of the entertainment giant is no laughing matter to. Photo: Scott Audette (Reuters)

You must not think of Abigail Disney as a woman, prone to folly and tactless. A pandemic, as you recently wrote in the short message service Twitter, is not the right Moment to start a fight. On the contrary, hard times, like the Corona of a crisis would provide the opportunity to practice peace and reconciliation.

This is the a side of the Abigail Disney – but who is with you knows that there is still a second: there is the fighter for women’s rights, the angry labour leader, of the volcano, the force of nature can break out, when the anger in him boiling. And so it took the commitment to peace and reconciliation, not long until a true Tweet-cannonade went on, the Management of dream factory down, had given her great-uncle Walt nearly a hundred years ago his name.

to do This, you must know that the Disney group, like many other companies, is currently mired in difficulty: The amusement parks are closed, cinemas almost everywhere locked. So it’s no wonder that company bosses Bob Iger and Bob Chapek send recently announced, almost half of the good 220’000 employees in a forced vacation – in the USA, in common, turbo-capitalist variant of the Swiss short-time work: One loses his entire salary, but retains nevertheless its employment and health insurance.

solidarity with the employees

Walt disney’s great-niece, the asset has, despite countless donations by his own admission still about 120 million dollars net, not the group, whose name it bears, in the past, attacked: because he treated the employees fair, and the own values with the feet occurs.

The now 60-Year-old studied at several elite schools, and is the owner of an Emmy, the highest television award in the country, Abigail Disney.Photo: Patrick T. Fallon (Bloomberg via )

this Time, in the face of the Corona-crisis, she would have accepted the decision of the Executive Committee probably would not become at the same time, it is known, that Sodium, Chapek and the rest of Management want to treat yourself this year of bonus payments in the tens of millions of dollars and 1.5 billion dollars in dividends.

Iger, the valiant company prior to the expected heir, then, will earn in the crisis year of 2020 to 1500 times as much as a normal employee, Chapek still 300 times as much. “If you have a shred of empathy in your body, if you were even just a little to your employees, scissors,” she continued, “would this salary shit is not possible.”

In her first major Film, they followed a group of Liberian women who struggled with Sex-strike for peace in the war-torn country.

Abigail himself dressed in the group does not have any function, but also a name in the movie business – however, not with the shallow family entertainment, which brought great-uncle Walt world fame, but with sophisticated documentation. In her first big movie, they followed a group of Liberian women who struggled with Sex-strike for peace in the war-torn country. For a piece about gun violence in the United States today, 60-Year-old, who studied at several elite schools, received a Emmy, the highest television award in the country.

That you don’t fit into the world, in which she was born, so right, had Abigail long geschwant. Finally safe, so she told the magazine “The New Yorker”, it was one evening about 20 years ago, when she flew back from California to New York. In the Cockpit of the Boeing 737, the two pilots were sitting around them swirled the flight attendants, and in the middle of it – as the only passenger. As she cuddled up, finally, high above the clouds in the comfortable, 1.50 metre wide bed of the family’s own Jets, dam you made this idea, of the heirs of the corporate heiress with socialist tendencies, the socialist, with the Company’s Background: “It just felt so wrong.”

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