Corona crisis – Trump wants negative interest rates for the USAUS-President Donald Trump contradicts his Central Bank chief Jerome Powell, who aspires to no negative interest rates speaks.18 Kommentare18″Other countries to get money, we should be in the same Situation”: U.S. President Donald Trump. (13. May 2020)Keystone/Doug Mills

U.S. President Donald Trump for negative interest rates. Trump said Wednesday that he may cut interest rates below zero percent. He was convinced that the United States should have such negative interest rates.

in order. Despite the differences he have the impression that Powell’s performance as the Central Bank chief have improved. Powell had recently made a “very good Job,” added Trump. The Republicans had criticized Powell’s work before, several times.

money for debt

Instead of loans have to pay, would earn the US government with their debt money, said Trump on Wednesday evening in the White house. The countries such as Germany and Japan, in the international competition, Yes competition with the United States, to succeed, for example, the US President said. “Other countries get money, and I think we should be in exactly the same Situation,” said Trump.

Trump has asked the U.S. monetary authorities already for the umpteenth Time, negative interest rates, to introduce. On the stock exchanges investors are starting to bet on rates below zero percent. Negative interest rates apply in the monetary policy as an unconventional Instrument, the Coronavirus times of crisis, to boost the banks ‘ lending to the economy. The Federal Reserve had lowered its key rate to supply the banks with money already in the range of zero to 0.25 percent, and extensive support programs for the economy in the trillions of dollars launched.

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