The change in leadership due to differences pop Stadler: Peter Spuhler is again KonzernchefFür the Patron Saint of the railway-Builder, the separation of his desire successor is a failure. A “personal quarrel” don’t give it to but.Holger Alich9 Kommentare9Bis 2018, he was also CEO of the company: Chairman of the Board Peter Spuhler, the office now takes over again, ad interim.Photo: Gian Ehrenzeller (Keystone)

The Patron Saint of Stadler Rail, ad interim, will return to the group management. Due to “differences regarding the strategic and organisational further development of Stadler” have decided by the Board of Directors and group CEO Dr Thomas Ahlburg, the employment relationship by mutual agreement to dissolve the group writes in a press release.

The Board of Directors take note of that, Ahlburg align a new career and future as a self-employed entrepreneur, and would like to be. Until the appointment of a successor, the Executive Chairman of the Board Peter Spuhler is to take over immediately in addition, the position as CEO ad interim. Ahlburg will remain with the company until the end of 2020 as a “Senior Advisor” available.

A “passionate” CEO

covered holds To the Details of the differences, media spokesperson Marina Windler. “There is no personal quarrel,” she said. There had been no single concrete issue, which had led to the crash. Both men had fundamentally different views of how the Zuganbieter can be further developed. “Although we were not always of the same opinion, I got to know Thomas as a passionate and pragmatic CEO and learned to appreciate”, is Peter Spuhler quoted in the media release.

For Spuhler, the separation of Ahlburg is also a personal defeat. Finally, he had built up the German over the years, as his successor. The engineering and operation in 2012, had joined the host to the Canton of Thurgau railway suppliers and had there first passed to the root factory in Bussnang. In the beginning of 2015 Spuhler made Ahlburg appointed Deputy CEO of Stadler Rail. By the end of 2017 Spuhler withdrew from the operational management to his successor symbol presented on the Christmas party of the group, the keys of the company’s management.

Now, both men go their separate ways. Peter Spuhler thanked, according to the communication on behalf of the Board of Directors in Ahlburg “for his great work for Stadler, in his role as Group CEO which he since 1. January 2018 exercised, as well as for his previous position as CEO of Stadler Bussnang”. Ahlburg’ve driven in particular by the further internationalization and the expansion of capacity of Stadler progress. Stadler Rail, is Spuhlers life’s work, he knows every nut and bolt. The group, therefore, is not in a leadership vacuum.

Compared with other industrial companies, Stadler Rail has been off the hook come through the crisis. However, with the change at the top, the company announced that the previous targets for the year 2020 to suspend. Some of the delivery to be in the short term – and transport chains, due to problems with suppliers interrupted. Restrictions on the activities of customers and employees would have the consequence that the Zugabnahmen would be delayed, and thus the Billing. The lead to revenue shifts. Since cars currently trains less use, there are also decreases in sales in the Service business.

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