You may please pay attention when you eat “with regard to the residue of missile parts,” is on the packaging. Previously you should keep the meat separate from other foods and thoroughly afterwards hands, Cutlery, and what might otherwise be with the court coming into contact clean. The reason for the notes: this year there is a net Zebra at Christmas time – at least, the discounters, the Steaks from the flesh of the striped odd-toed ungulates of the African Savannah in the chest.

Thilo Thielke

Rapporteur for Africa, based in Cape town.

F. A. Z.

Prohibited this is not. But it is also morally right? After all, the philosopher Immanuel gave to Kant, the animal that “will erroneously called the African wild ass”, for “the most beautiful horse in formation, color and speed”. The Mogul is said to have once “acquired such a for 2000 ducats”, and “the Dutch East India company sent to the Emperor of Japan a Couple and got” how the Könisgsberger meticulously recorded, “to 160,000 thalers.” In net, the frozen animal is now on sale for 6,99 Euro per 300 grams.

Zebra friends find the obscene. “Just sick, what in Germany is going on”, tweeted a concerned citizen. “You sold Steaks of monochrome four-legged friends! Probably a bit of monochrome in the brain, is it?“ another is angry with. Outraged by the animal protection society Pro Wildlife. The discounters offered to Zebra meat, the tribe probably of plains zebras, presumed to be his assistant Daniela Freyer. “The stocks have declined between 2002 and 2016, to 24 percent, and the species is therefore on the Red list as potentially endangered and is already at the limit for the risk.” In three countries, the plains Zebra was extinct already. Mainly, the animals would be hunted, in order to get their fur, but even as Bush meat. “The other two Zebra species, Grevy and Mountain zebras are even at risk,” said Freyer. The commercial international trade with luxury products from wild animals is not be boost therefore “and counter-productive”.

the transport is of concern

The World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WFF), the more relaxed you can see the delicate matter. “It depends on where the animals come from, whether they come from a breeding, and if so, how they are kept,” said WWF-staff Roland Gramling of the “Rheinische Post”. Of concern was the mode of transport. Finally, the meat of the tribe, according to the company, Damien de Jong from South Africa. “There is a sufficient Wild-offer in Europe, since it must be transported by airplane from Africa.”

as for the taste, can help of food chemist Kilian Feuerle. In his diploma thesis (University of Hohenheim, 2004) he notes, there are a number of meat is quite products possible, “with Zebra meat is of good sensory quality”. However, it should be discouraged from eating the Zebra’s fat tissue, “due to its unpleasant own taste”. You want to process the animals to cooked sausage products, recommends Feuerle, you may “instead of Fat vegetable Oil”.