Bafin investigation for stock market transactions are seldom successful. In the case of the spectacular share price fall in the payment processor Wirecard almost three years ago, this is different. In the opinion of the public Prosecutor’s office had a criminal Background.

The unsubstantiated allegations of fraud against the now in the Dax ascended company to be a case of market manipulation, said a spokeswoman for the Munich state Prosecutor’s office, the Reuters news Agency. The authority have completed their investigation, and at the Munich local court on a criminal warrant against the editor of a distributed on the Internet analysis about Wirecard requested.

The penalty order is directed against the controversial stock exchange transactions known Fraser Perring. He was the editor of the under the name of Zatarra published Reports, said the Prosecutor’s office. Perring was in writing, was consulted, did not however comment on the matter. At the request of Reuters Perring said he had not been about a possible monetary penalty of not informed. He had received conflicting information about the completion of the investigation.

If the court follows the request of the public Prosecutor and Perring sentenced to a fine, could see investors in claims for damages. With a ruling Party expect in the coming year. The case against a Co-responsible is set according to the Prosecutor, due to a minor fault, after the latter has paid a five-figure amount of money in circulation. In 37 other accused, which were due to the transactions with Wirecard papers immediately before and after the attack to the attention of the investigators, did not support the suspicion.

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Prosecutor’s offices after suspicious price movements evidence of a Crime, according to information provided by the financial market Supervisory authority, Bafin rare. 181 procedure because of the potential for market manipulation, which were completed this year in Germany from January to September, rejected the prosecutors by 40 percent, because of the confirmed initial suspicions. Only 13 of the cases ended up in court, which is ten times Responsible have been convicted.

the price of The Wirecard stock was at 24. February 2016 to a quarter broke after a then-unknown company by the name of Zatarra Research had accused the company in an analysis of fraudulent activity. Wirecard rejected the allegations. The rate of fall in the back then in the technology index Tec-Dax listed group, which is destroyed in a matter of minutes, a stock market value of 1.3 billion euros.