now, A Japanese student has her professor in for a big surprise and worry. It was used as a blank paper as an essay, but it did get the highest score possible when it was discovered that the essay had written it in invisible ink.

Ninja’s have always been a passion of Eimi, Haga. The Japanese girl was very happy when she got the assignment to an essay writing on a visit to the museum. “The professor told us that our creativity, the better it would generate,” says the eerstejaarsstudente of the BBC . “So, I was hoping that no one is the same idea as I did.”

Her idea was, in the true ninjatraditie, invisible ink, and the essay to write. This left them with soy beans for a whole night, squashed them, and rub them down in a piece of cloth. To the extract, mix them with water for two hours, took a long time to get it right – and then they have to write it went in.

as soon As the well was dry, missing the words on the page. They had the blanco, but gave the professor a piece of paper with the tip of the paper to warm it up. As soon as it is home to the top of the gas stove and he came up with the words to be revealed. Her creativity has been rewarded with a high score. “I was surprised,” said professor Yuji Yamada. “No, I didn’t even read all of it, and don’t have the number of points given to it.”