The Spanish Wamos close, especially in Flanders, travel shops, Thomas Cook/Neckermann. The purchaser has announced a re-launch for 62 of the 91 sites. On the 29th of the closed branches are in the 28 in the region. Wamos will be all of the remaining stores operate under the name of Neckermann, and will run from 21 October to travel to sell it. The trade union FEDERATION never give up hope. “There are still acquisitions to be possible.”

The Belgian board of management confirms that the Spanish buyer, especially in the belgian retail store network, it will have to cut it. “There are a lot more shops in the Flanders region, often a more rural location,” says a representative. In Wallonia, there is a one-reiswinkel will be closed. Brussels will be saved. Thomas Cook Retail Belgium, drew more than 500 people worldwide, of whom approximately 150 are in the Brussels and walloon regions.

in may, nearly 200 employees, a go-around due to an agreement with the Spanish Wamos Group Thursday night concluded with the Belgian trustees. The jobs will be primarily in the Flanders, it will disappear, it is evident from the list of closed stores.

Here to close the branch

After the sluitingsoperatie will be in Antwerp in nine more Neckermann-branches are active, in Oost-Vlaanderen, ten, in Limburg, netherlands and four in the West of Flanders, sept. In Brussels, continue to be eight travel shops are open. In the outskirts of Brussels, close to the branch in Dilbeek, Flemish-Brabant and has over four sites.

In Wallonia, there is one and only one branch is closed, that is, in Three. In Wallonia, it will be mainly a travel will be sold in seven branch offices, in Hainaut, belgium and seven in the region. Also, in Walloon-Brabant, the three offices are active in Luxembourg, and in the Names of each one.

the Discharged:

Anyone in the office at work will be this coming weekend will be decided. The new management will be in the following week, on Wednesday, staff will address that to make a new start. Employees who disposed of the office, employees were asked, you may be eligible to apply for a job with a new company.

The board will have a new workforce to build up. In vakbondskringen is that there is a respect for the loonsvoorwaarden, and the seniority of the staff has been lead to believe. The staff that is doing their job and lost it after the bankruptcy, Thomas Cook, should, in principle, re-employment and the new employment contract is signed. About the non-statutory terms and conditions, certain arrangements have to be reviewed. Also, some of the new features to be created and other jobs were a new thing.

as of October 21, travel on sale

The 62 travel shops still remain open on the 21st of October, the doors to the public. The employee will have travel, hotel stays, airline tickets and tour packages to sell on players such as Corendon, Pegase, Club Med, and the MisterFly.

The name of the chain Neckermann, but in their own Neckermann travel, sitting still is not in the range. What are the synergies that are possible by Wamos, that travel does not sell, is still to be seen.

you can Also use the web site will be from the 21st of October, will be operational.

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the FEDERATION do not despair,

It is possible that, after the acquisition of the 62 in the Neckermann-travel shops solutions can be found in other parts of the estate of Thomas Cook. “We are confident that this will not stop,” said vakbondsvrouw Els De Coster, of the christian union Friday night.

“This is a message that we want to pass on. The organisers are still working on it. It has not yet been made,” says De Coster. “We know that there is more than one interested party for the (partial) acquisition. Therefore, we are confident that this will not end, and that there is still an interest for the different departments, sections or to a number of retail stores that are not currently on the list of the stores that will remain open. So there are definitely opportunities.”

the Brussels Airlines

Also, Brussels Airlines will be the launch of several Thomas Cook/Neckermann travel shops with Spanish buildings with a lot of interest will be followed. It is too early to say what impact the launch of Brussels Airlines, but “we are open to partnerships”, says on Friday on the airline.

This file is important for Brussels Airlines because they are the main part of the former Thomas Cook travellers get to their destination and back home he flew. Tourists were said to be good for most of the 800,000 seats a year. It’s not clear yet when the Wamos on, Brussels Airlines will charge for their customers. It was a Friday afternoon, still no contact between the two parties.

Brussels Airlines is a. stresses that the private sector continues to operate. “We will continue to be, the Belgian traveller to control that, so we are open to partnerships, ” says will.


The company has had over the last few weeks, the developments in the case of Thomas Cook is not seen to be a substitute for the lost travelers. So in the meantime, an agreement has been reached with the tour operator, Sunweb for the partnership to grow and expand. It can all be a part of it is the loss of the Thomas Cook customers can be compensated for.

in The event of bankruptcy of Thomas Cook in Belgium is very difficult, also for the restructuring exercise, of which Brussels Airlines is doing. In the result, and the consequences of such exercise, a “Reboot”, it would be in november and should be known. The company hopes that its profit margins over the next few years to be able to boost it to 8 per cent.

More about Thomas Cook, the Tourism expert to see, however, is still a future for the package tour in Flanders, “the Spanish group, Thomas Cook shops will not accept ‘ in Spanish reisconcern Wamos take Neckermann shops about just 200 employees made redundant be able to get back to work with Spanish travel company will take the 62 stores to Thomas Cook about this, touch and go for the almost 200 members of staff Redundant staff at Thomas Cook asks for clarity