The longest reign in history? After having sat on the throne of the United Kingdom for more than 70 years, Queen Elizabeth II finally left, this Thursday, September 9, 2022. She died during the day, at 96, in her residence. Scottish Balmoral as Planet explained in the evening. She leaves behind a people in mourning who are obviously not limited to England alone: ​​her domain also extended to Northern Ireland, Wales, Scotland and the lands of the Commonwealth, of which especially part of Canada. A very precise and very strict protocol will be observed for ten days. This is the London Bridge operation, which has been meticulously worked on for years to avoid the slightest hitch.

If the deceased sovereign did not reign over France, the shock wave caused by her death was nevertheless felt in all or part of the country. The tributes, which began almost immediately after the announcement of her demise, obviously emanated from the nation’s political class… but not only. Thus, and without great surprise, the President of the Republic expressed himself and expressed all the friendship he was able to bear to the Queen. He had met her several times. “The queen of sixteen kingdoms loved France, which returned it well”, he said in his press release, after explaining that the whole of France paid tribute to “the one who will have marked the history of her country. , of our continent and of its century”.

Should we now expect a ceremonial visit from the Head of State? The president could cross the Channel to meet King Charles III, who succeeds his mother or Liz Truss, the new Prime Minister. For the time being, nothing has been communicated on this subject but the tenant of the Elysée will have, protocol requires, to get closer to the new monarch. He would consider, according to France Info, to send him a letter.

Tradition also has it that he sends her a gift for her coronation. 70 years ago, continue our colleagues, Vincent Auriol offered a gold medal to the young sovereign Elizabeth II, then 25 years old. This one was in his effigy and struck by the Paris mint.

The head of state, it seems, hopes to “associate the French with the mourning of the British”, still indicate France Info. To this end, he decided that the flags of all public buildings, including and first and foremost the Elysée Palace, be lowered this Friday, September 9. It will be the same for the day of the funeral which, it must be said, is a rare tribute.

Moreover, Emmanuel Macron intends to pay a second tribute to the late Queen Elizabeth II: this time, it will be a video message, broadcast on Friday September 9 at 10:30 a.m., informs the entourage of the Head of State, contacted by our colleagues.

Emmanuel Macron is not the only official to decide on a tribute to Queen Elizabeth II, informs BFMTV. The very evening of her death, the socialist mayor of Paris wanted to show her support for the people of the United Kingdom and therefore decided to extinguish… the Eiffel Tower. Anne Hidalgo also reported an “intense emotion” which she transmitted to ambassador Menna Rawlings.

As soon as the death of the sovereign was announced, several Ile-de-France residents, as well as tourists and probably expatriate Britons also decided to gather in front of the English embassy in Paris to pay their own tribute there, notes the news channel. continuously.