Due to lack of personnel the payment of the wages and salaries paid to military personnel is at stake. This will warn the general of Marc’s Squad, and the commander in chief of the armed forces, writing in The Morning on Saturday. Already, insurance premiums, and fees are often paid late, says the union, ACMP.

“An organizational and existential crisis, and it’s up to you, as to the payment of wages and salaries is at risk.” In his letter to the troops, the army has a general of Marc’s Squad there’s no beat around the bush. “The service, which is responsible for the payment of the wages or working knowledge of English,” writes the Squad in his vision of the future’. “In the event of late payment of wages does not occur on a monthly basis by a divine interposition, and also to the people.”

For the union, ACMP, there are already complaints from the military that will have to wait. “The amount of the regular wages and salaries are still good,” said Yves Huwart of the ACMP. “However, what we can say is that the additional services provided, however, delays can add up.”

In his letter, points out the general Squad is still on some of the other issues that have their toll, and to begin to demand from the armed forces. At the moment there is such a shortage of ammo. In some units, this means that they are achteropraken in their schedule, because there are simply not enough bullets to shoot, as a result, a high-ranking, military source in order to hear it.
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