The news has fallen. Since the beginning of her reign, Queen Elizabeth II has always aroused the admiration of her people but also of many people around the world.

While celebrating her platinum jubilee a few months ago, synonymous with 70 years of reign, Her Majesty died on Thursday, September 8.

Earlier in the day, doctors said they were “concerned” about the sovereign’s health. Since the news came out, the country has been in turmoil and all of its citizens are following the news with attention.

“The whole country will be deeply concerned by the news coming out of Buckingham Palace this lunchtime,” new British Prime Minister Liz Truss posted on Twitter. “My thoughts – and those of everyone in the UK – go to Her Majesty The Queen and her family at this time.”

If the evocation of her death is a taboo subject across the Atlantic, the Crown has however a plan, until recently kept secret, which describes everything that must happen now that the queen has succumbed.

Named Operation “London Bridge”, this plan has existed since the 1960s but its details were unknown to the general public… Until September 2021, when the American media Politico unveiled it in its entirety, revealing to the eyes of the world the whole actions that will be carried out during the 10 days following the event.

Below are details of Operation London Bridge as well as Operation Spring Tide, which encompasses the plan for the accession to the throne of Prince Charles, the heir to the Crown.