Goodies from the Queen, who wants some? Barely hours after the announcement of the sovereign’s death on the afternoon of September 8, 2022, merchant sites selling various items saw the popularity of these items soar.

Like the Queen’s famous washing-up liquid, sold in Sandringham souvenir shops, informs Here. On some items, the purchase rate has even increased by 250,000%, indicates BFMTV… With the popularity of the regent, it may be necessary to keep them, because their price could quickly increase.

In the slideshow below, Planet has compiled the list of 10 items that will be able to sell for a very high price, with the death of the sovereign, by observing the prices on Ebay and Amazon. So, if you have one of his objects, keep it preciously… Your fortune could grow just by its presence in your drawers.

And precisely, of objects bearing the effigy of the queen, this collector is a specialist in the matter: Margaret Tyler has more than 12,000 items in her collection, indicates Le Journal de la maison. A true fan since she was 19, she has never stopped buying all things related to the royal family.

Perhaps even the misspelled goodies of the platinum jubilee, celebrated this summer… Indeed, reports the media 20 minutes, thousands of articles have been produced… with a typo.

Between tea sets, mugs and plates, 10,000 products bear the mention “Platinum Jubbly” instead of “Platinum Jubilee”. An error that forced the company to sell them ten times cheaper than originally.