The SilverEco Awards recognize the best initiatives, solutions and best practices of the year. A jury of 50 professionals will decide between nearly 100 candidates in 10 categories, a public prize, a seniors’ prize and the traditional favorites will also be awarded. Among the candidates, here are some favorites of the editorial staff

Helpy, the video game for caring families: it is a fun, ergonomic and stimulating game where you play, on a tablet, in pairs and in cooperation with your loved one weakened by age-related loss of autonomy, illness or disability. This game is suitable for all players from 7 to 99 years old, thus allowing the youngest to reconnect with their elders.

Ensemble chez soi (ADMR inclusive housing in Charente Maritime): inclusive housing on a human scale, in rural or semi-rural areas, comprising 10 to 12 individual dwellings as well as a large common room where the social life project is shared. An itinerant night guard service secures the residents. This concept makes it possible to break the isolation of the elderly.

The school invites itself to the EHPAD: relocation of the school from the town once every two weeks. A time of the day will be devoted to the co-construction of a children / tenants and residents project for a presentation or performance at the end of the school year

Memotimer: Memotimer is an innovative device for time orientation. Indeed, time management is therefore essential for people with dementia because a person with cognitive impairment is constantly running after time to prepare, plan, arrive on time for an appointment, carry out an action or still organize and anticipate.

Wiicare – the future of the smart sensor at the service of the person: wiiCare is a global solution for behavioral analysis which allows, thanks to AI, to predict risk situations and emotional distress by controlling hydration and detecting drops of water. a dependent person, at home or in an establishment, with a single sensor installed in each living room, without any action by the beneficiary and with full respect for their privacy.

COLIBREE: the Meetic for intergenerational cohabitation: the first site dedicated to shared accommodation between young and old, for short and long periods throughout France

Ti Gran Moun Tv: web TV hosted by seniors, trained in NTIC and multimedia like real journalists. The participants produce intergenerational reports and programs for the general public and other seniors (choice of subjects, animation, programs, editing, broadcasting).

Fight against the isolation of the elderly: the Emotivi solution helps to fight against the isolation of seniors. This solution allows dependent seniors to receive video calls, photos and messages from their family or medical personnel directly on their television screen.

Cognitive stimulation for all: The goal of these workshops is to provide play time to stimulate cognitive functions, but also to transmit knowledge about the brain so that participants can reuse it in their daily lives.

e-TellYou, your messages for the future: e-TellYou is an innovative site for deferred messaging in written, audio or video form through personal time capsules intended to transmit everything that matters to you in the future: a few weeks to several years.

You can discover all the nominees by following this link.

See you on September 12 to find out the results!