Due to operation ban Zurich hospitals miss millions no operations, additional beds – hospitals for Corona with a million deficit. Request support from the Canton.14 Kommentare14Corona the accounting affects hospitals in Zurich.Photo: Samuel Schalch

The corona-crisis has torn a million hole in the coffers of the hospitals in Zurich. The Association of Zurich hospitals (VZK) expects Revenue shortfalls of 150 to 460 million Swiss francs, and requires compensation in order to secure health care and jobs.

In comparison to the annual operating profit of Zurich list of hospitals of 85 million Swiss francs in the drama of the situation, informed the AAAI on Tuesday show.

The provision of isolation facilities and additional have intensively managed beds with ventilators to be uncovered more cost. In addition, the treatment of the Covid is-19 patients to cover the costs. The largest influence on the hole in the cashier of the hospitals in Zurich did, however, ban the Federal government and the Canton of prescribed treatment and Surgery.

Between the 21. March and 26. April, the hospitals were allowed to perform any non-urgent interventions and therapies. According to a survey, the AAAI-members of the hospitals in Zurich in March and April, suffered a revenue loss of 190 million Swiss francs. Depending on the scenario, the Association expects to end the year with a loss of 150 to 460 million Swiss francs.

the Canton will decide in the next few days

In the optimistic case, a part of the failed treatments, could be made up, say it in the message. In the pessimistic case, the level of treatment to stay because of the in-force permanent Corona-the safety measures on average. The scale of the loss of revenue from month-to-month.

The hospitals could not bear the through the treatment and surgery ban caused millions of failures. Also, the prescribed costs would have to be compensated, requires the AAAI.

“The hospitals expect the Canton to assume its responsibility and at least on a subsidiary basis for the lack of funds to stand up straight. This is necessary so that the health care is guaranteed, and the jobs are secured,” says AAAI President, Christian Schär, according to the memo.

The health Directorate of the Canton, shall on request, that they would work on a cost of acquisition. Details would be published in the next few days.


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