This April 25, 2023, host Karine Ferri celebrates her 41st birthday. Over the course of her career, the pretty brunette has become an emblematic face of the small screen by presenting many successful programs including Dancing with the Stars, The Voice: The Most Beautiful Voice or Les Docs du weekend on Saturday on TF1.

Alongside her television career, Karine Ferri found love with footballer Yoann Gourcuff. The couple also passed the ring on June 8, 2019 in La Motte in the Var. From this union came into the world two children: Maël and Claudia.

A family life that she only exposes on rare occasions on her social networks. However, during an interview with Télé Star in 2018, Karine Ferri had agreed to confide in her role as a mother, explaining that she was like “a mother wolf” with her offspring.

“I divide my week between Paris and Rennes, where I have my family life. This balance allows me not to feel the tension that there can be in the world of TV with this permanent race against time. When I finish my shows, I find my two men and I lead a normal life”, she explained and continued: “I am a mother wolf. Maël is the apple of my eye. I said to her: ‘I love you .’ all day. Being a mom is the most beautiful role. I was so looking forward to becoming one (…) I will do everything so that he does not consider himself a privileged person. It is important to me to inculcate in him the notion of work, challenge and merit”.

On the occasion of the host’s birthday, Planet invites you to rediscover her pretty photos in the early 2000s.