The end of the name dispute between Greece and its Northern neighbors is good news. The many problems of South-Eastern Europe are not significantly lower – but it is now a conflict in the world, had in all its absurdity, always the right stuff to make it even much bigger.

For now a solution could be found, were no fundamentally new ideas are necessary, because the compromise was “Northern Macedonia” was previously on the table.

the Crucial factor is the political will in Athens and Skopje. For the first time since the independence of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, in 1991, politicians in both countries at the same time in Power, wanted to settle the dispute and what is at least as important, is not the expected Fury of the nationalists on both sides of the back are deterred.

With their stability, have made the Greek Alexis Tsipras and the Northern Macedonian Zoran Zaev to their countries and the Region as a whole deserves. It is to be hoped that your work of future governments will not be affected.