Robert Spaemann, one of the leading conservative philosophers in the German-speaking world, is dead. He died on Monday at 91 years in his home in Stuttgart, his son announced on the evening. In the centre of his thinking, a Christian Faith that does not ignore the intellectual discussion of the rationality-influenced Modern, but fashions do not should.

Spaemann was born as the son of the writer Heinrich Spaemann, who was a widower, a Catholic priest in Berlin and grew up in Cologne, Germany. The philosopher was a proponent of natural law theory in ethics and in many questions the Pope Emeritus is close to Benedict XVI. In the political debates of the Federal Republic of Spaemann interfered with his criticism of the rearmament and his opposition in principle to nuclear power.

criticism of Pope Francis

From 1973 until his retirement in 1992 Spaemann taught in Munich, Germany. As the main work of the experts in Christian philosophy, the 1989 published book “happiness and benevolence”. According to the study and Promotion Spaemann worked as a publishing editor, and later taught in Stuttgart and Heidelberg.

In his Work he dealt with political, ecological and religious issues. Decided, he turned against destruction of the environment, euthanasia and abortion. Spaemanns texts on the history of ideas of modern times, natural philosophy, anthropology and ethics, have been translated into 14 languages. After his retirement as a Professor in Munich, he has published numerous books and essays.