In two weeks, on 7. February, is a small anniversary: Five years of the opening of the winter games from Sochi since then. To fast-forward the fraud history of Russia to Play the notes on the Manipulation and inconsistencies in the Moscow Anti-Doping laboratory, which were received by the world Anti-Doping Agency Wada and the International Olympic Committee before the games, Putin was ever opened.

in the light of this history of institutional failures, it is the question of whether Wada should sanction would have the Russian Anti-Doping Agency Rusada is because the Russians had left the Wada investigators by the deadline to the end of the year 2018, the forensic data from the incriminated laboratory, of secondary importance. That it was not as fast as the Wada investigators had hoped that it was for the reasons explained by the chief Günter Younger earlier this week, in an Interview with the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. The reasons for the delays Younger was plausible appear, it was the distrust of government in an internationally usual level and, in Parts, outdated Equipment.

Younger has a great interest to be able to finally, with the substantial part of his investigation into the fraud system start. How bad it is in terms of Anti-Doping, evidenced by his statement that the issue was “too complex for most of the international sports federations”, which is why Youngers Team averages are now as strong, as many of the individual cases chosen and the results of this investigation presents the associations. The best-case scenario: Blocking and penalties against as many individual athletes who have benefited in the preparation of their victories from the protection of the system.