The Best from a Danish point of view was already happening before the semi-finals: Germany in Germany, the Danes to meet in their only away game of this world Cup. The defense, the audience: I’d rather not. That France would be early Friday evening, but such a pleasant opponent, no one would have expected. 38:30 defeated Denmark, the weary Frenchmen, and moved on to the finals on Sunday at 17.30 in Herning.

Handball-world Cup in 2019, All of the games at a Glance

Curious, that the last minutes of this game only going to be a show run with risky circle, scanning and other art pieces from the Danish League-the selection was: Six players from the Danish Start-up-Seven earn their money in Germany. But one towered over all of them. Mikkel Hansen threw twelve gates, and did what he wanted. The game-maker from Paris St-Germain, joined as it is with the Bay of Rasmus Lauge, of the six times. The two were earlier not necessarily as a dream team in the Danish rear-area – to strong Egos. At the world Championships at home, everything is different.

The defending champion is playing only for third place. It also Nikola Karabatics could contribute to change nothing. The not fully-trained Director came for a few minutes of the second half. With him, it was a memorable Bust.

the game plan of the Handball world championship 2019 in Germany and Denmark

A Danish walk to Herning. For the first Time, the Danish team outside of the little Kingdom played; unbeaten Denmark had travelled to Hamburg, and as the title favourite left the North of Germany. It was a show of force, as the Team leader Hansen occurred from the beginning. And also the tactics of coach Nikolaj Jacobsen. As you know it from him, he sat on a first Seven-and not much more. In addition, Denmark played differently than the ideal to be occupied by the French without left-handed in the backcourt. This worked out very well. Right-handed Mads Mensah took over, got the support of Morten Olsen, the Jacobsen for this game out of the hat had conjured up.