Little known to the general public before joining the series Scenes of households, Claire Chust is now one of the emblematic figures of the small screen thanks to her fictitious couple played with the actor Vinnie Dargaud in the fiction of M6.

During an interview granted to the site Leprescriptor, the young woman of 30 years had mentioned the beginnings of her integration into the sitcom. “Thanks to the producer Aude Thevenin who had seen me in Problemos, the production then offered me a role as a guest, I was playing a very funny bimbo! I met the whole team and the directors”, had -she said and added: “At the time, they were already starting to look for a new young couple at degree 0, that is to say at the beginning of their life together unlike other couples”.

A new character who found his audience not without apprehension on the part of the production. “They warned us that it was going to be very hard at the beginning. This is a show that has been around for so long that the public finds it difficult to accept the novelty. There is always a time of integration”, she had explained to the site and to affirm: “We were treated to a little hazing at the beginning on social networks, but now we have evolved well in the work and everything is better”.

Since then, the young woman has been offered more roles on the big screen. This year, she is notably on the poster for the film Champagne! alongside Elsa Zylberstein and François-Xavier Demaison. At the premiere of the feature film, Claire Chust appeared transformed with her new ultra-canon haircut. Find out in our slideshow.