Bourvil: this small village that inspired his artist name


Have you ever wondered where Bourvil got his artist name? The answer to this enigma lies in the heart of the Pays de Caux, in Normandy, André Raimbourg’s region of origin.

Born in the village of Prétot-Vicquemare on July 28, 1917, it was in a neighboring town that the leading actor of the 20th century, named Bourville, grew up.

This son of farmers joins this village, which saw the birth of his mother, at the age of four and will spend all his childhood there. Later, when he became famous, he adopted the stage name Bourvil in homage to this town which saw him grow up.

Today, Bourville has become an attraction for many fans of the singer who make pilgrimages to this small village of nearly 300 inhabitants.

“We regularly receive visits from many tourists who, passing through Normandy, stop in Bourville to discover our village, especially during the summer season,” says Régis Bachelet, deputy mayor of Bourville.

If these tourists come from all over France, it is not uncommon to also see foreigners. “We regularly receive visits from Belgians,” he says.

However, this very small village does not offer so many tourist activities. “Tourists regularly come looking for a museum dedicated to him or things like that, but we don’t have any of that. On the other hand, there is a stele in his honor, installed in 2005 next to the school in which he studied”.

This school, in which the studious André Raimbourg, won his study certificate with the mention “Very good” and the congratulations of the jury, is also a place of pilgrimage for fans who wish to discover the places that marked his life.

“Tourists regularly come to our village in search of Bourvil’s tomb. But it is not located here. He is buried in Montainville in the Yvelines”, explains Régis Bachelet.