Are you a light sleeper? Your nights are likely to be restless in the coming days. As La Chaîne Météo indicates, a heat peak is expected for the weekend. Overall, the weekend promises to be quite mixed as it is sunny and hot on Saturday 11, and stormy on Sunday June 12, 2022. last days”, underlines the site specialized in meteorology. On Saturday, the weather should be nice and warm across France. On the thermometer side, we expect 30 to 35°C in the south, 24 to 28°C in the north and 16 to 20°C on the Channel coasts.

Sunday, the weather will still be very hot although more stormy, humid and cloudy than the day before. In terms of temperatures, they will fluctuate between 17 and 35°C depending on the department. “The persistence of high heat is inevitable over a large south-eastern third, and will persist at the start of the week”, announces the forecaster. Between Friday and Monday, it will be particularly hot in places at night, with temperatures equal to or greater than 20°C in 19 departments. Check out the list in our slideshow below.

To prevent the heat from disturbing our sleep, we might be tempted to sleep with the fan on. Warning: this can be dangerous for people with asthma or allergies. “By repeatedly stirring the air, the fan helps dust and pollen to infiltrate the sinuses,” explains Why Doctor. The device can also be responsible for headaches, sinusitis or redness. So prefer to turn off the fan before going to bed.