(Brussels / Ixelles) – The court has launched an investigation into a possible sexual assault of a 20-year-old college student. That it has filed a complaint in a Brussels court, because of a false-Collecto-driver on the night of Saturday, on her trespassed from it.

on the Facebook page vanULB Confessionsdoet the student and her shocking story. Therein, she explains how she is on Saturday after a student party in Ixelles / elsene, to return home to return to, but in the hands of a rogue taxi driver, was.

“It was going to be a fake Collectodie took me with him, hurt, and even aanrandde,” she said. “I think it’s going to be a guy that poses as a taxi driver, and as often as the girls ronselt at night, alone on the street. He did, however, have a uniform in the network. He drove around in a grey vehicle.”

the Collecto is a kind of nachttaxidienst the network. The tours will be carried out by registered staff, several customers on the same route would be picking up. Also, must be provided to passengers at bus stops city centre.

The student gave the message, because they are waiting for the research in hopes that students notice. “We believe that this is for the others to happen to you to happen to you. Take good care of yourself.”

in Her message, it was already almost 2,500 times and shared it. Under the hundreds of comments of support, there are still students who declare that they have the same experienced too.

“We have got to this point, has no knowledge of any other facts or complaints,” says the parketwoordvoerder. “We have, in the meantime, however, a number of investigations ordered for the accused to be identified and traced.”