Analysis of the Serey-The-Transfers – Christian Constantin is blackmailing the Swiss FussballDer President of FC Sion, and so a direct competitor in the relegation battle. He is mainly one thing: to sow Chaos.Florian Raz1 Kommentar1Christian Constantin afraid of hardly anything, when it comes to enforce his will.Keystone Geoffroy Serey die is the pawn in the game of the President of the FC Sion. According to Fifa rules, the Ivorians are not allowed to play this season for customs.Keystone finally, Serey has played in this season already for Xamax and here in Aarau. But the rules could change on Friday to the General Assembly of the Swiss Football League.KEYSTONE1 / 3

And he’s doing it again. Of course. Why should he change? On Friday, the twenty Clubs will decide in the Swiss professional football, whether you are shooting the interrupted season. However, five days previously, Christian Constantin dashes and sows Chaos.

no, the President of the FC Sion have broken no law, and no rule, as he’s Geoffroy Serey die a new contract by 1. June 2020 offered. Or perhaps: He has once again set the rules of good morality except power. He abducts the field of puncher of Neuchâtel Xamax, he does nothing other than to blackmail the other 19 Swiss professional clubs.

Alone at Xamax in the summer, 17 of the 26 players contracts.

Constantin has always been open to a crash of the current season. That is his right as the owner and donor of an affected Clubs. His main argument is that the spout make it impossible for the end of contracts, the continuation of the championship in July. Finally, most of the players and coaches have temporary work papers, in each case on the 30. June of a year.

Constantin speaks to a real Problem that must be solved by the Clubs in the case of a continuation of the championship. In the Super League to run on 30. June 2020 not less than 86 player contracts. Alone at Xamax 17 are affected by 26 professionals, which are currently still in the squad.

The Swiss Football League has presented to the club three suggestions on how the Problem could be handled:

It may be made, no Transfers, to the 13 outstanding rounds are played to the end. It may from the 10. June, national Transfers can be carried out, if a Club player needs to replace, the were at least half of the previously discharged areas on the field.10. In June, all Transfers within Switzerland.

Now has found Constantin with Serey die, a player whose contract already on the 31. May ends, and it by 1. June obliged. With the Transfer he represents the Rest of the League with a fait accompli. If the President at the Friday meeting in Bern, is a variant of one already on the table. Even if a majority of the Clubs would be in favour of this season to allow no Transfers.

Because one thing is clear: Nothing and nobody could prevent Constantin to send Serey die on the field, and with good chances in front of a labour court. Although Serey is not allowed to play according to the rules of the world football Association is currently for Sion. The Ivorian has worn in the course of the season, the jerseys of the Aarau Xamax. Games for more than two Clubs in a season prohibits the Fifa.

But it is completely open, which is the right base from 1. July is. So then, if under normal circumstances, a new season would begin. What the civil court would Serey ban, then, back to his work as a professional footballer to pursue? And a championship, the outcome of which is possibly only after years of litigation, must be kicked off again.

Constantin collects arguments for a crash of the season.

By Constantin forcing the other clubs however, and the Transfers in the final phase of the championship to allow, he gathers the arguments for a season of demolition. Or for the increase in the Super League to twelve Teams. Also something that is in favour of Constantin, and what will be voted on Friday.

Because: Wants to run the FC Thun really is a risk that the Grasshoppers to buy just before a possible Barrage for the last place in the Super League, the squad empty? Don’t want to take the FC Lugano the risk to go without the four current tribe players in the last Phase of the descent fight, because their contracts expire?

Constantin, it is only to one’s own advantage

of Course, Constantin told currently how he and Serey had decided a long time ago that the career of the 35-to-Year in Sion. The fact is that the of Sion, the President took in 2017, before the Cup final against Basel vehemently the position, Serey had his good times behind.

no, it’s Christian Constantin is not about to bring a beautiful story to the end. It is to his own advantage. To preserve, therefore, his Club before the relegation battle, and enforce his will. In the best case, the cancellation of the season under the threat of litigation and Chaos. In the second-best, the increase in the Super League to twelve Teams. In the worst case he has sown, at least in the case of a direct competitor of unrest.

And the Rest of the League looks on helplessly as her Constantin is dancing on the nose around.

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