Despite the low rates, the savings account is increased in the favor of the investor in Germany. According to a survey of the banking Association BdB, 39 percent preferred this year, a savings account or a savings plan. Two years ago, it was 22 percent. On rank two of the funds came from, where 34 percent of investors (by 2016: 20 percent) invested, as of on Thursday published survey. Real estate and stocks ranked each with 26 percent to third place, followed by day money and hard money. Multiple answers were possible.

Since the Burst of the New Economy bubble at the turn of the Millennium, many Federal citizens do share a bow. And, even though it is on the account interest rates are so low and savers is the tendency for rising Inflation lose money. The dissatisfaction of the investors, however, is growing. According to the figures, only 38 percent indicated that they were satisfied with the value development of their Investments. Two years ago, there were still almost half.

If investors would have more money to spend, would you invest differently. The majority (58 percent) would acquire, despite the significantly higher prices of real estate. On rank two the purchase of Fund shares (47 percent). In equities, 39 percent of investors would put money in Gold, 38 per cent. On the savings account, or a savings plan, 35 percent said they would. Multiple answers were also possible here.