My wine – “He tasted like vergärter iced tea with carbonic acid” Slampoetin, author and musician, Lara Stoll talks about her first experiences with nature, wine, and other wine-fated experiences.Recorded: Nina Kobelt0 comment wine and Be: Lara Stoll before never drinks, and during performances, in-between, but. Photo: Jonas Reolon/zvg

I like dark, heavy red wines. And orange, too. Beer, I rarely drink, except maybe a Panache. Before and during my cabaret performances, I never drink, that would be fatal. Lips and tongue have to be fast, my head must be fit. With my Band “Stefanie Stauffacher” is it something else, since I drink it most of the time a glass or two of red wine during the gig.

I have many friends who are in the restaurant business, so well versed. This is of course perfect, because you get so quality is of great wines featured. Unfortunately for me, therefore, but also a certain laziness. I rely on the Goût of the other. Last year, however, I’m determined alone to Bordeaux hazards. To drink wine and read. I can only recommend. I often process, with the public TRANSPORT, I know not, whether because of the wine or of reading.

recently, I drink and wines Nature. My first wine experience was a culinary adventure. We were at dinner, opened a bottle of the ultra-cool label. Shit, he tasted like vergärter iced tea with carbonic acid! We let him stand for two hours; when we tried again, was not to recognize the wine again. A bit of air, and the wine has developed completely. These experiences had a result that I find normal wines, in the meantime, almost boring.

A colleague said: “let’s try to get a Shirt!” A few days later I had a prototype, and everyone wanted one.

the natural wines I buy, for example, in the case of More than Wine or and the sent out Packages with a choice that made a lot of small wine merchant during the Lockdown. I find that extremely sympathetic – can you do something Good for yourself also.

I would say I have drank in the last few weeks, more of less. Probably because Bars and Restaurants were closed. I usually work on three to four projects at the same time, by Corona was able to and I can concentrate on Writing my new solo program after all.

Packages from small wine shops to find you Stoll extremely sympathetic: Lara.Photo: zvg/André Springer

My T-Shirt “Just the wine list please”, because it is often the case is that I fall somewhere to the late am or several appointments in succession and then in the Restaurant only on the wine map of am interested. A colleague said finally, annoyed at some point: “do a Shirt where Only the wine list, please’ on it!” A few days later I had a prototype, and everyone wanted one. There are now several imitators in Germany. That sucks though, but on the other hand, you can not make unfortunately much.

a Lot of wine is not around me, at the Moment there are a few bottles that are left over from the Lockdown orders. A wine cellar, I have not; but it is good to have something at home, when someone has birthday or so, so it must be in the Migrolino to buy something. With regard to wines favorite: This “Le Coste”-the wines I find to be very reliable.

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