Xīnnián hǎo! The Chinese New Year 2023 took place this Sunday, January 22. This year, the Water Rabbit is in the spotlight. It is an auspicious sign, characterized by wit, skill, sensitivity and peace. Its combination with the element of water promises a year full of hope, prosperity and wealth. What can you expect from your Chinese zodiac sign in this Year of the Rabbit? According to Le Midi Libre, “there is a moment of calm, nothing is done in haste”. Discover your horoscope, sign by sign, in our slideshow below.

Your Chinese zodiac sign corresponds to your year of birth. Here is yours:

Warning: some subtleties exist. This year, for example, the year of the Rabbit begins on Sunday, January 22, 2023. If your child was born on January 21, he is therefore under the sign of the Tiger, even if he was officially born in 2023. Be careful, therefore, if you were born in January or February.