Garlic is one of the most popular basic condiments, in France and around the world. It is also an element of our diet that has made its way into our diets a very long time ago. Indeed, garlic has been known for more than 5,000 years, as reported by Epices Fuchs. In ancient times, garlic was extremely popular: athletes and soldiers ingested a clove of garlic as is before an important performance.

Apart from its supposedly strength-enhancing properties, garlic was also a well-known antidote to poisons. In the Middle Ages, garlic was used to repel mystical enemies, such as vampires, ghosts or other spirits. They were therefore placed on the graves. Originally, garlic comes from the steppes of Central Asia. It was introduced to France by a man named Godefroy de Bouillon, the leader of the very first crusade.

It is a relatively easy plant to grow because it is very resistant. In fact, garlic survives temperatures down to -18°C! There are different varieties of garlic, three main ones that can be recognized, as their name suggests, by the color of their bulb: white garlic, pink garlic and purple garlic. You’ve probably also heard of black garlic, which is all the rage right now.

But make no mistake! Black garlic is not a variety of garlic in itself, it gets its black color from the treatment to which it has been subjected. Japan claims the invention, having started modern production of this condiment in the early 2000s. There is however contention: Korean cuisine has been using black garlic for over 4000 years.

In addition to its very popular taste in many cuisines around the world, garlic also has many virtues. Discover below 11 original ways to take advantage of it, according to comment-é