Private radar cars are increasingly common on French roads. Belonging to private companies authorized by the State, they are therefore not conducted by the police, as reported by our colleagues from Capital. In addition, they can only carry out speed checks if they are stationary. These cars therefore circulate among motorists while recording potential speeding violations. The companies integrated into this system are then responsible for reporting the culprits to the corresponding government departments.

In order to avoid fines, it is possible to try to mark out these cars which think they are going unnoticed on the roads. You could also simply stick to the speed limits… But if you stay on the lookout, you will have to scan certain car models only. Indeed, cars equipped to operate as a walking radar are only sedans. Among the most common models in these surveillance fleets, we find the Volkswagen Passat, the Ford Focus, or the Peugeot 308 and 508.

Road safety published a file a few weeks ago listing all the checks carried out by cars from private companies in 2021, as reported by This document makes it possible to deduce certain very recognizable tendencies in the journeys of these vehicles.

At first glance at the map, we notice that the towns are completely devoid of control points. Indeed, speed controllers do not cross city ring roads. What is all the more surprising, moreover the big cities are far from being the only ones concerned. Indeed, private radar cars do not venture into small towns either.