I am 24 years old. I am the hopeful youth. Hungary goes to me. I want to make from the passive bitterness of a conscious pessimism and then an active hope.

The first day that I’m going against the slave act on the road, is not the first day of the protests. In the Morning after Waking up, I read the good-humored article about a fellow student, I have seen his picture: He grins at the pub he works at the Bar, in the camera, around him, sitting and standing riot police, the check passes. In the Chat, then my classmate writes that in the evening once the protesters inside were charged and according to them, the police officers, the absperrten then the pub: You came in or out. the My classmate helped the people out of the window. Moreover, he made the night three times as much revenue as a normal Wednesday.

Already in the first minutes of the Demo, I realize I am incorrectly dressed. It’s supposed to be the night minus six degrees cold. But who would have thought that I would make the whole night in front of the headquarters of the public television Revolution? And who is that you can freeze for the cause, Yes?

We have it warm – not yet

My friends will come later, first, I walk alone and learn a Model that I knew previously only through the social networks. I’m doing an Insta-Story, to let the other know that I am here because I have a bad Conscience that I’m not gone on the two days before, when the demonstrations were still rather spontaneous, on the street.

slowly, the drum band, which runs a few meters further, and only for women is hypnotized me. In a sense, they seem to drum the rhythm of the chanted sentences. And so I hear you drums: Come with us! And: Who is here with us. And: for Us it’s enough. But you can understand it the wrong way, and I hear instead is: Let us free! And We have it hot. But not yet.

The Transparent with O1G I don’t understand at first. It looks like H2O, but less neutral. It means that Orbán is a Geci (motherfucker, motherfucker). The Lajos Simicska, a former Fidesz party member, Oligarch and media Baron said, about his friend, Viktor Orbán, after the 6. February 2015 had fallen out, the day popularly called since then only the G-day. “Geci” is perhaps the ugliest Hungarian swear word, I use it often. On Facebook, the O1G-characters (similar to the hair the Logo of the public television); currently each of the second profile image. Funny, I think, but then I concentrate, rather, on the freshly-fallen snow will not slip.