Chloé Jouannet: Alexandra Lamy’s daughter irresistible on Instagram


If Alexandra Lamy has a string of successes on the small and big screen, her daughter Chloé Jouannet, born of her relationship with actor Thomas Jouannet, could well overshadow her in the future! After taking her first steps in the cinema in Lucky Luke (2008), alongside her ex-father-in-law Jean Dujardin, and having played the role of Jean Reno’s daughter in Avis de Mistral (2014), the 25-year-old actress years is revealed more and more on social networks, especially on Instagram where she does not hesitate to appear sometimes very sexy.

His rising notoriety also allowed him to make the cover of Vogue Brazil. In 2015, in Vivement dimanche, Chloé Jouannet confided to Michel Drucker that she saw herself more behind the camera than in front. However, in an interview with Gala, she would be downright ready to shoot a film with her mother. This wish could come true since the latter would think of her for a role in the adaptation of Blanquette, the book by Laure Buisson. The mother and daughter soon reunited on the screen?

Good news for fans: Chloé Jouannet stars in the TV movie Touchées, directed by her famous mother. Before discovering her in the role of Tamara this September 22 in this unpublished fiction on TF1, Alexandra Lamy returned to this particular shoot with her daughter for Télé 7 Jours. “From the writing, I thought of Chloé for the role of Tamara. I knew that she could express all the explosive rage of the character”.

A heroine embodied by the young actress who touched the ex-companion of Thomas Jouannet. “She often amazed me by carrying her character far beyond my expectations. Behind the camera, I was her first spectator: I was moved more than once. It is no longer Chloé that I had in front of me, but an actress”, she concluded in front of our colleagues. Discover the most beautiful photos of Chloé Jouannet through this slideshow.