Ready for the cessation of activity? This is the inevitable – theoretically, at least! – conclusion of any professional course and must therefore be prepared with care. Especially since this is not an instantaneous operation, quite the contrary. In our columns, the economist Philippe Crevel recommended going about it between four and six months before the date of retirement. At the risk, otherwise, of not giving the pension fund time to retrieve and analyze the correct documents.

And then… We must also take into account the duration of the retirement notice, observes the Labor Code on its official site. The exact deadline to be taken into account being modeled on that used in the event of dismissal, this means that it may sometimes vary considerably. Three scenarios are mentioned by the text of the law.

It all depends, in practice, on the seniority of the retiring employee. The longer the time spent in the company, the longer it will take before you can liquidate your rights. It is important to note that the period of notice for a disabled worker is “equal to double the period fixed for other employees”. By default, it is not possible to exceed three months’ notice, but “this limit does not apply if the convention or collective agreement or a custom provides for notice of a period equal to or greater than 3 months ”, specifies the Labor Code.

Moreover, the following values ​​must be retained: