Carpooling bonus: who is eligible for this aid of 100 euros in 2023?


The year 2022 will have been placed under the sign of inflation. Over the months, the prices of energy, food and services have continued to rise. It is therefore in a particular situation that 2023 will begin. Fortunately, good news still awaits the French, since some new aid will be distributed from next year.

From January 1, a new bonus of 100 euros for carpoolers will be available. This is part of the national “daily carpooling” plan which aims for three million journeys per day in France by 2027.

There are conditions to be eligible for this bonus for first-time drivers:

If you meet all these criteria, you will be able to claim this new aid to support you in your home-work journeys. The mode of distribution remains particular and it is important to be aware of it.

Thus, carpoolers can receive a first payment of 25 euros from their first trip. To receive the remaining 75 euros, it is necessary to make a total of ten carpooling trips. From then on, the rest of the premium should be sent, as for the first transfer, within three months.