Photos: these stars who appear without makeup


Goodbye artifice, hello natural. Some stars categorically refuse to show themselves without make-up on any occasion. Conversely, others take the plunge and appear natural.

Like the singer Eve Angeli who caused a sensation on social networks. On Wednesday December 28, the 42-year-old artist, who found success in the 2000s with his hit Before leaving, appeared unrecognizable through a photo shared on Instagram. On this selfie taken on her sofa, she reveals herself without any artifice under her bangs after having done a natural facial, as her fans tell her.

“Without makeup or any filter. Just a facial treatment done by me at home. Naturalness guides me towards well-being with the motto: “This year, I stop wanting to be”… Quite simply”, wrote singer Eve Angeli captioned her post. Approved by a handful of her 28,000 on Instagram, the star wants to approach the new year 2023 with serenity and she looks absolutely hot.

Like the ex-candidate of the Farm Celebrities, other celebrities have succumbed to total naturalness and reveal themselves without filter on their public page. Jumping out of bed, taking a nap in the sun or during a gourmet break, these stars feel good about themselves and they assume it. Anthology in pictures.