Queues in front of service stations, new government rules, skirmishes between motorists… Are we about to reproduce the scenario of last fall, when the fuel shortage put France on the edge? stop ? In protest against the pension reform carried out by the government, the CGT-Chemistry has blocked several refineries in France since March 7.

According to figures from Fig-Data, this mobilization was quick to have an impact on supplies: as of Friday March 10, 2023, 4.8% of the country’s stations are unable to offer or gasoline (SP98, SP95, E10), or diesel. A figure which amounted to only 1.5% on March 5, 2023, two days before the start of the social movement.

However, these data vary greatly from one department to another. In some service stations in the country, the situation is much more critical than elsewhere. In our slideshow below, the departments where there are the most petrol pumps in difficulty.

In some departments, on the contrary, the difference is barely noticeable… or even non-existent. Here are the territories where very few service stations are in difficulty:

Note: the figures for the Corsican departments (Haute-Corse and Corse-du-Sud) are not provided.