It was a bit early (9:57 a.m.), we thought, for such an enthusiastic text. But let’s not ruin the moment of this colleague whose name we will keep silent. After this more or less ironic registration on the list of volunteers to access the track, it was no longer time to back down.

So here we are, around 1 p.m. The ambient excitement increases as the cars move into place. The smell of gasoline sets in and won’t go away.

The crowd is also growing. The staff of the stables gets to work, while people who have paid dearly for their presence on the scene stroll quietly. Among them, some celebrities invited by the teams – less than in the past, we are told. Photos, selfies or not, are taken by the hundreds.

“Have you seen [famous DJ name]?!?

– Uh no. »

Nevertheless, let’s take a look at this selection of notables of varying renown. Ah, Gordon Ramsay is here! “Didn’t work, huh, Laurier BBQ?” we don’t ask him. Here he is, hey, hugging Jacques Villeneuve. The world is small, after all.

Who else, who else… Mitch Marner, Toronto Maple Leafs forward, is like a fish in water at Red Bull, while the mechanics are busy around the car of Max Verstappen. We can listen, but it is impossible to determine if the discussion revolves around the new management of the Leafs or the new contract of Auston Matthews.

Who else, who else… Guy Laliberté, no surprise. Patrice Brisebois, of course. John Alessi. As you walk towards the back of the grid, the onlookers are less and less numerous, much more interested in the big teams and the best known drivers, at the front. The hierarchy of Formula 1 will therefore be respected until the end.

The personality that doesn’t get the love it deserves? This gorgeous, imperial Williams mechanic, whose blonde mane would flutter in the wind…if it were windy.

Because it is finally rather hot, on this asphalt surface, which one guesses more recent than that of the streets of the Villeray district. The long-sleeved sweater was a bad idea. The bottom of the air, however, seemed cool.

It must also become bitter in the stands, where thousands of people witness this funny scene, which is certainly not very interesting seen from above. Nor really from below, in fact, although seeing the single-seaters so close, it does not happen often.

So let’s take our bow.

“Aren’t you staying for the national anthem?”

– Uh no. »

No choice to play the character of the grump until the end. Direction the exit of the track.

Although… Come on, a little video for Sonny. It will take a lot of evidence to illustrate this day spent in Cars.

Okay. It was kinda cool, though…