The Federal government has asked the Egyptian authorities to the whereabouts of an 18-year-old man from casting, and was gone in December during a visit to Egypt. The spokeswoman for the foreign office, Maria Adebahr, said on Wednesday in Berlin, the German Embassy in Cairo was “in close contact” with Egyptian authorities. You try with emphasis, “to establish the fate” of the young man. He has, according to information from the Deutsche Presse-Agentur, the German and Egyptian citizenship.

on Tuesday, the Foreign office had confirmed that a 23-year-old man from Göttingen in Egypt had been taken into custody. There had been no prison visit, said the spokesperson. The Federal government is trying but intensive access to the man, “in order to make our support there.” The nationals, according to the staff of the Federal foreign office informed them that the Egyptian government was planning the deportation of the 23-Year-old to Germany.

The two men wanted to enter in December, completely independent of each other and on different days in Egypt. They were then gone. Official information from Egypt, there is not, despite multiple requests. Since you have two citizenships, treat the Egyptian authorities as the Egyptians.

A reason to change the travel and security advice for Egypt, the Foreign office currently.