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For a long time has been talking of the advantages of telework, although until only three months ago there were few who could enjoy them. But from one moment to another, Spain has realized that it is something open to all , always that the nature of the work allows. “Its advantages were associated more with women, but the coronavirus has given us the opportunity to see how it works for all, men can also reconcile the working life with the professional”, it indicates Gloria Lomana , president of the 50&50 GL. This consultant has been associated with the organization, Woman in the Legal World (WLW) to throw a declaration of the telecommuting , they intend to find a regulatory framework that would protect him. “The experience of the last few months has provided us with many lessons that we can take advantage of”, indicates Lomana.

by Analyzing the weeks of confinement became aware of the excessive hours of work, and the danger that this practice may invade the personal life of each one. “We believe strongly in telecommuting as a good thing but we know that it is necessary to disconnect digital “, he gives as an example the president of 50&50 GL. This new way of working, that has come to stay, should be addressed with a gaze wide, “put it within the corporate culture that connects with new leaders”, he adds. Some big companies in our country have gone from having 8% of the workforce teletrabajando up to 80%, “and we have seen how this requires more collaborative to promote technology and innovation”.

In these months teletrabajando we checked the adaptability of the Spanish society that accepted the challenge and has surpassed itself. “Telework has allowed to optimize more the meetings and the relationship between the managers and the equipment is much more fluid, there is more confidence,” says the responsible of the consultant. But it is important not to forget that is to be achieved by the combination balanced between online work and face-to-face.

For this reason the declaration includes 12 causes to achieve 12 purposes for the it was pos-Covid, among others the promotion of a new business culture based in leaderships with safety and closeness, with the support of technology in the service of the people, tools such as telework, with right to disconnect the digital, and in defense of the health, welfare and conciliation.

“telework has allowed to optimize more the meetings and the relationship between the managers and the equipment is much more fluid, there is more confidence,”

From 50&50 GL underscore the opportunity that Spain has to be placed in the european average in the percentage of employed persons that use this modality of work, leave behind the culture of the presencialismo and tend to more flexibility in the distribution of the day, whenever possible. For Marlen Estevez, president of WLW, this is a key moment for enhancing telework, “but balanced, responsible, and should be structured under the umbrella of the stewardship”.

By now, have already adhered to this statement, companies and institutions, including Banco Santander, CEOE, Spain Chamber of Commerce, U.S. Chamber of Commerce in Spain, Accenture, EY, KPMG, PWC, General Counsel of the legal profession or the Association of Registrars, among others.